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How Social Media is Redefining Depression?

Numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become an effective way to share thoughts and emotions. People around the world tend to spend hours on these platforms in order to voice their opinions.

There are numerous internet celebrities as well, these are the people who are followed by millions because of their thought-provoking quotes, humor etc. Some of these people actually attained followers because of their skills, whereas others might have just used Twitter Follower Kaufen to get followers. Whatever the reason is, people are becoming famous overnight and this is affecting not only them but also many people around them.

The Redefinition of Depression

One sees a perfect picture of a friend over the internet and you feel depressed. It seems that the social media has redefined depression. Although we do agree that redefining of depression on social media can have multiple meanings. Some people might just think it to be an effective way to gain sympathy and pity. They believe that presenting the image of an angel trapped in a cage can get them sympathy and pity. This is a misguided form of depression. These people are not suffering from clinical depression on the contrary; they are just posing to be depressed in order to seek some attention. Nonetheless, sometimes it does become difficult to distinguish between clinical depression and self-imposed depression

The followers they have, the level of their depression increases. There are certain people who think that it is a perfect way to channel their thoughts and express them without any hurdle. They believe that posting these problems online will help them get these problems out of their system.

These social media platforms should allow the blogger to share their feelings, however, people reading them should not relate things and consider themselves depressed as well. After all the main objective of the internet is to offer freedom of speech.…