Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Crew Driving Directions

View Google Maps to aid stations.

Coming out of the parking lot at the Lake Chabot Marina, turn left, east, away from I-580. After six tenths of a mile turn left at a light onto Seven Hills Road.  Go one mile and then turn left onto Redwood Road.  Follow Redwood Road for about five and one half miles to Marciel Gate. Turn left at Marciel Gate onto Marciel Road. Proceed along Marciel Road for about one and one half miles.  The first aid-station, "Marciel Road" will be on your left.  If you see your runner off at the start it is hard to see them again at Marciel Road since it is a much longer drive than it is a run. The second aid station, Bort Meadows is a parking lot just left off of Redwood Road about a mile and a half beyond the turn for Marciel Road. Three miles farther up Redwood Road, also on the left is the MacDonald Gate parking lot.

Now continue up Redwood Road to a traffic light at the top of a hill and turn right onto Skyline Boulevard. After about seven tenths of a mile, Skyline Boulevard turns to the right and what looks like the continuation of the large street, which you are on, becomes Joaquin Miller Boulevard.  If you see the signs for the Woodminster Amphitheater on your right you've gone too far and should turn around and find where Skyline Boulevard turned without you.  Skyline boulevard now winds through the Oakland Hills and the next aid station is Skyline Gate, a large parking area on the right.  After Skyline Gate continue on Skyline Boulevard until you see Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, the next aid station, also on the right.

Leaving Sibley continue up hill on Skyline Boulevard a few hundred feet before turning right onto Grizzly Peak Boulevard.  Continue on Grizzly Peak, past the intersection with Claremont Avenue and Fish Ranch Road until you see the turn for the Steam Trains and the Grizzly Peak Stables on your right.  Turn right and then make a quick left.  Continue straight (past aid station on your right) for about 200 yards and park in the dirt lot on your left.  (Please do not park in paved lot across from the aid station as that is for steam train riders only.)

After Steam Trains, turn right onto Grizzly Peak again and continue, past houses on both sides until you see the Summit Reservoir on your left (about 4 miles).  Turn Right onto Wildcat Canyon Road and immediately, immediately, immediately left onto Canon.  Go down a steep hill on Canon and at the bottom turn right onto Central Park Road and then the first left toward the Lone Oak Area.  Lone Oak is the turn around so now stand on your head and follow these directions in reverse to get back to the start/finish at Lake Chabot.

Maps, to assist crews, will be available at packet pick up race morning.