Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Drop Bags and Pacers

  • Drop bags will be transported from the start to the turnaround at Quarry (mile 23.9). 
  • Drop bags must be clearly marked with runner name and bib number
  • Leave your drop bag at runner check in area no later than 6:20 A.M.  Look for the appropriate drop bag sign that says "Quarry Drop Bags."
  • Drop bags should not be larger than 12" x 18"
  • Drop bags will not be returned to the finish until after the Quarry Aid-station closes (approx. 2 pm).
  • Runners may leave a finish line bag (at Cove Picnic) in the morning.  Look for the appropriate sign that says "Finish Line Drop Bags."
  • Please do NOT leave any valuables including keys, iPods, cell phones, etc in your drop bag.
  • NorCalUltras is NOT responsible for the loss of any drop bags.


Pacers will be allowed from Quarry at mile 23.9 OR Skyline Gate at mile 32.8 to the finish.

  • Runners may be accompanied by no more than one pacer at a time.
  • Pacers must be on foot. No pacing on any type of bike is allowed.
  • Pacers do not need to check in prior to running, do not need a bib, however, need to clearly identify themselves at every aid station.
  • Pacers should be well conditioned to travel the distance with their runner.
  • Pacers are responsible for their own transportation to and from their starting location. Race management will not organize or facilitate any shuttle.
  • Pacers may eat and drink from the aid station tables. Pacers must enter and exit with their runner. No "muling" is allowed. "Muling" is when a pacer carries any supplies (drinks, food, clothing, etc) for the runner outside of the aid station area.
  • No dogs, no bikes, no horses.