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ThirdAsia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference: Corpus Linguistics Workshop


October 21,2016 | Venue: Beihang University, Beijing, China

Address: NO. 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing , China.



This full-day workshop, arranged jointly by Beihang University and Lancaster University,offers a series of sessions on topics in corpus linguistics and the applicationof corpus techniques in language learning. We welcome everyone who wants tolearn more about this versatile methodology for language analysis; nospecialised knowledge about language corpora is required, but basic familiarity with the use of computers is presupposed. The workshop offers a mixture of practical and the oretical sessions in which the participants will learn to apply corpus techniques in a number of contexts. Registration in advance isrequired, as places are limited.

Refreshmentsand lunch will be provided.


Friday  21th October


9.00  – 9.30


9.30-  10.30

Tony McEnery: Corpus  linguistics beyond the basics (LectureRoom   806, Ruxin Building)

10.30  - 11.00


11.00  - 12.00

Vaclav Brezina et al.: Corpus techniques  I:Frequencies and distributions(Computer lab 811,  Ruxin Building)

12.00  - 13.00


13.00  - 14.00

Michael Barlow: Corpus techniques  II:Wordskew (Computer lab 811, Ruxin  Building)

14.00  - 15.00

Dana Gablasova: Corpus  linguistics and language learning(Lecture  Room  806, Ruxin Building)

15.00  - 15.30


15.30  - 16.30

Vaclav Brezina et al.: Corpus techniques  III: Collocations(Computer lab 811, Ruxin  Building)

16.30  – 16.40

Closing remarks


Alist of Symposiums

1.Corpus-based Translation Studies


2. An Intratextual Analysis on EnglishRepresentation of Laozi’s Dao, Nothingness and Thingness  

Convener:Wenzhong Li


3.Recent Trends of Corpus Linguistics in Korea

Convener:Chae Kwan Jung


4.Information Retrieval and Semantic Computing

Convener: Alex C. Fang

5. Pedagogy-orientedCorpus Data Processing

Convener: Anping He


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