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Wehave booked 100 rooms (including single rooms and standard rooms) at BeihangTraining Centre Hotel which is about 3 – 5 minutes’ walking distance from theconference site, and 50 rooms at Park Plaza Hotel which is about 15 minutes’walking distance from the conference site.The price and contact information foreach hotel is given below.




Single room

Standard room

Beihang Training Centre Hotel

268 RMB

328 RMB

+86 10 82317927

Park Plaza Beijing Science Park

580 RMB

660 RMB

+ 86 10 8235 6699

Conference participants who choose to stay in the above two recommended hotels are suggested to contact their reception counters directly. Since available rooms are limited and we work on a‘first come, first serve’ policy, we strongly encourage our participants to registerand book the hotel as early as possible.While you are booking the room, please make it clear to the receptionist that you are a participant of the APCLC 2016, as the recommended two hotels ( Beihang Training Centre Hotel and Park Plaza Beijing Science Park) won't be able to accept any other booking during that period.  Sharing rooms are more thanappreciated. For those who are willing to share rooms, we have created a Wechatgroup – APCLC 2016 (please scan the QR code below to join the group) to providea platform so that participants can get in touch with each other and find apotential roommate.

Incase that there are no more rooms available in the two recommended hotels, participantsare suggested to get in touch with some nearby hotels. Contact information isgiven below.



Hanting  Express Hotel

+  86 10 82326688

7-days Inn

+  86 1082837988

Home Inn

+  86 1062026556

Master Inn

+  86 1082320101


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