Call for Papers
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Call for papers

The central theme of APCLC 2016 is Corpus research moving forward and beyond. We wish toreceive abstract submissions centering around, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:  

    1) New technologies and methods in corpus research

2) Cross-fertilizations in corpus research

3) Corpora and cross-linguistic and cultural studies

4) Corpora and discourse studies

5) Corpora and language acquisition and learning

6) Corpora and lexicography and translation studies: in memory of Richard Xiao

All abstracts should be written in English, in the stylistic format suggested inthe APCLC 2016 abstract template, and restricted within the length of 300 words, including references. Abstracts should be sent directly toAPCLC3@hotmail.comno later than May 30, 2016 (the deadline). All received abstracts will be blind reviewed by two experts independently. Contributors will be notified of acceptance or otherwise of their abstracts byJuly 30, 2016.

The deadline of the abstract submission has been reached. No abstract will be accepted from today on   (May 30, 2016 ) 

Please click here to download APCLC_conference_Abstract_Template.doc

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