General Information for International Students
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Beihang University, abbreviated as BUAA, was founded in 1952, is a comprehensive, open, research-oriented university with focuses on aeronautics, astronautics and engineering technology. BUAA has taken it as its responsibilities to cultivate high-level talents, perform basic and forward-looking scientific researches. As China’s first university in aeronautics and astronautics engineering and academic research, BUAA has always been recognized as one of the key universities in China. At present, it is affiliated to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Besides, BUAA is also one of the top universities supported by National "211" Project and "985" Project.

It is conveniently located on Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, around which there are many universities. To the west of BUAA, there is Zhongguancun High-tech Park, while Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest), Beijing National Aquatics Centre (Water Cube) and other Olympic venues are to the east of BUAA. The largest monomer teaching complex is also situated on the beautiful garden-style BUAA campus. Since 1993, it has enrolled over 4,000 international students from more than 50 countries.

On the basis of the Foreign Languages Department, School of Foreign Languages was founded in 2007. The School can now offer BA, MA, MTI and PhD programs related to foreign Languages, translation and literature. There are 117 scholars in the School of Foreign Languages, which is composed of 12 full professors, 43 associate professors, 7 PhD supervisors, 14 foreign language experts and 4 "New Century Excellent Talents" awarded by the Ministry of Education. It has excellent teaching environment and facilities, for example, simultaneous interpretation labs, translation technology lab, linguistic science and engineering lab, listening labs, etc. There are more than 100 kinds of journals and 30,000 books in the Foreign Language Information Centre. In recent years, the School of Foreign Languages has been very active in international cooperation. On one hand, it has invited world-renowned scholars to give lectures and co-organize some major international conferences; on the other hand, it has already established cooperation and exchange programs with internationally well-known universities, such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Hannover, University of Magdeburg, University of Westminster, and other universities. The School is also contacting with more leading universities to explore more opportunities of cooperation.

Based on the solid science and engineering research foundation as well as the teaching resources of BUAA, and taking advantage of multi-lingual teaching resources, the School of Foreign Languages has formulated its unique talent cultivation culture—.

Its mission in education is to help the students to be proficient in foreign language(s), knowledgeable in science and technology, well-versed in arts and history, adept at critical thinking, and capable of innovation. In this way, they will become very multi-functional upon graduation and competitive in the job market.

Graduates find jobs in foreign affairs, international trade, media and journalism, translation and interpretation, and other fields.

2012 will witness the 60 birthday of BUAA. With "communication, openness and transcendence" as its mission, School of Foreign Languages warmly welcomes international students around the world to study here. Through the study of Chinese language and culture, other languages and cultures, language technology, translation and interpretation, economics and management, you can feel the profound Chinese culture, experience the rapid development of China, broaden your horizon, and promote your international competitiveness.

In 2012, there are two BA programs, that is, Business Translation and International Trade. During four years of full-time study, the teachers teach courses bilingually in order to improve students’ bilingual proficiency and translation skills. Upon completion of all courses within four years and passing of graduation thesis, students will graduate and get their BA degrees.

Courses for international students include FMC (Fundamental Major Courses), MC (Major Courses), HC (Humanities Courses) and EPC (Experiment and Practice Courses), etc.

Courses are divided into the following categories:

1) English and Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation and other language skills;

2) Knowledge related to Chinese society, politics, economy, culture, tax, law, etc.;

3) Knowledge related to economy, trade, finance, management, etc.

Forms of teaching include lecture and experimental practice. The latter includes internship programs, culture study tour, and social practice, etc.

If you are interested in studying at the School of Foreign Languages and want to know more about our curricula, please go to page ??for details of our full-time BA programs in Business Translation and International Trade.

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