Professor Peng Yu
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Peng Yu


Head of English Department

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American poetry


PENG Yu is a Professor of English at Beihang University. He earned his BA in English from Henan University and his Ph.D. in literature from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is the author of American Poetry of the Twentieth Century(Henan University Press, 1995), On American Confessional Poetry(Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House,2004),A Thematic Study of Modern British and American Poetry(ChineseLiterature and History Publishing House,2005)Make It New: On Modern American Poetry(ChineseLiterature and History Publishing House,2005)Eliot Era:American Modernist Poetry(ChineseDrama Publishing House,2007)The Tradition of American Poetry(Guang Ming Daily Publishing House,2010)and more than 50 articles on British and American poetry. He is also the translator of British and American Lyrical Poetry of 20th Century(Henan University Press,1987), The New American Poetry(Henan Publishing House,1989),The Feeling of Love:200 British and American Love Poems(Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House, 1989), and 100 Pieces of English Light Verse(Chinese Translation Publishing House,1996).

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