Professor Lin Yunqing
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Basic information


Lin Yunqing


Head, Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering

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Research areas

Theoretical Linguistics (syntax, semantics, pragmatics)

Philosophy of Language

Computational Linguistics

Cognitive Linguistics

Brief introduction

Yunqing Lin is Professor of linguistics. He graduated in 1985 from China University of Mining and Technology with a BEng in Automatic Control. In 1986 went to University of Essex and obtained an MSc and then a PhD in Computer Science (Supervisor: Prof. Raymond Turner). From 1990 to 1996 he worked as Research Associate and then Senior Research Associate in the Computational Linguistics Unit, School of English Studies, Communication and Philosophy, University of Cardiff, working with Prof. Robin Fawcett on building an intelligent dialogue system utilizing Systemic Functional Grammar. Having got absolved in the foundations of linguistic, he went to University of Oxford (1996-2003) to pursue an MPhil and a DPhil in Linguistics (Supervisor: Prof. James Higginbotham). While at Oxford, he had the fortune to have frequent meetings with Sir Peter F. Strawson to discuss issues in linguistics and the philosophy of language. He was employed as a lecturer in University of London from 2000 to 2004. In the summer of 2004, he returned to China to work as Professor of Linguistics at BeijingNormalUniversity. He became Distinguished Professor in Humanity Sciences at BeihangUniversity in May 2010.

Selected Publications:
Lin, F. Y. ‘A critical analysis of Chomsky’s linguistic naturalism’ (in Chinese), Beihang University Journal, 23 (1), 84-86, 2010.
Lin, F. Y. ‘Ordinary Logic vs. Propositional Logic’, in Xiong Xueliang and Qu Weiguo (eds.) Collected Essays in Pragmatics, Higher Education Press, 242-252, 2007.
Lin, F. Y. ‘Towards a unified framework of syntax, semantics and logic’, Journal of Sun Yat-sen University, special issue on logic and cognition, edited by Ju Shier, 20-33, 2003.
Lin, F. Y. ‘On discovery procedures’, in Bruce Nevin (ed.) The Legacy of Zellig Harris: Language and Information into the 21st Century Volume 1: Philosophy of science, syntax, and semantics, John Benjamins, 69-86, 2002.
Lin, F. Y. ‘The transformations of
transformations’, Language and Communication 20 (3), 197-253, 2000.
Lin, F. Y. ‘Events and time in a finite and closed world’, Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic 5 (1), 3-24, 2000.
Lin, F. Y. ‘Chomsky on the “ordinary language” view of language’, Synthese 120, 151-192, 1999.
Lin, F. Y. ‘Grammar, semantics, and logic: towards an “ordinary language” theory of language’, Cognitive Systems 5, 57-81, 1997
Fawcett, R. P., Tucker, G. H. and Lin, F. Y. `The role of realisation in realisation: how a systemic functional grammar works’, in
Horacek, H. and Zock, M. (eds) From Planning to Realisation in Natural Language Generation, 114-86, Pinter, London, 1993.
Lin, F. Y. `Two theories of time’, Journal of Applied Non-classical Logics, 1(1), 37-63, 1991.
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