Professor Wang Yi-na
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Wang Yi-na


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Cognitive grammar

Discourse grammar

Contrastive linguistics

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WANG Yi-na is a Professor in linguistics and English language at Beihang University. Her research interests are mainly in cognitive linguistics, cognitive grammar, discourse grammar, and contrastive linguistic studies. She received her Ph.D. degree in linguistics from Beijing Normal University in 2004, and currently lectures on contrastive linguistics, and cognition-based studies of English and Chinese. In 2001 she was awarded the title of “Outstanding Teacher in Hebei Province”. From 2008 to 2009 she worked as a Fulbright research scholar at University of California, Berkeley. Then in 2010 she was awarded the title “New Century Excellent Talent” by the Ministry of Education, China.

During the past ten years, Prof. Wang’s linguistic research is mainly on subjectivity in grammar and discourse, and cognitive-contrastive studies of Chinese and English constructions. Her major publications include Referring Expressions: A Cognitive Textlinguistic Approach (2006/2007), “Conceptual reference point” (2005), “From accessibility to subjectivity” (2006), “Conscious representation of shifted person reference”(2008), “Subjectivity in discourse” (2008), “The motion elements in subjective motion constructions” (2012) etc. She also co-translated R. W. Langacker’s two-volume monograph Foundations of Cognitive Grammar (2013, 2016 to appear). In addition, Prof. Wang has directed a number of research projects, and is currently directing “A Cognitive-grammar Study of Topic Structures in Chinese and English” (National Social Sciences Fund, 2014). She is now a member of International Cognitive Linguistics Association, a member of China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese, and a governing board member of China Cognitive Linguistics Association.

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