Associate Professor Zheng Fei
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Zheng Fei


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Research areas

British and American Literature, American Drama, Greek Myth and Tragedy, Corpus-based Literature analysis

Brief introduction

Ph. D., associate professor at School of Foreign Languages, Beihang University, China. She was visiting scholar at The Faculty of English, Cambridge, 2003-2004. She obtained PH. D. degree in field of Comparative Literature and World Literature from Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), China. Her major academic interests are Greek mythology and tragedy, British and American drama, Corpus-based Study on Eugene O’Neill and 20th Century Theater of America. Courses taught include History of British and American Literature, Selected Reading of British and American Literature, Greek myth and Tragedy as well as EAP (English for Academic Purpose) course for doctorate students. She was awarded the 1st prize for the Graduate Teaching Competition 2013, Beijing; She has been the author of 21 journal articles, author of 1 book and translator of 4 books.

Major publications:

1. Thematic Study on Love of Eugen O’Neill’s Plays

2. “Effective Student-Centered Teaching: A Proposal”,

3. “Love and Justice”

4. “Corpus-based Analysis of Island in ‘Mourning Becomes Electra’”

5. Oedipus,

6. Van Sickle’s Modern Airmanship,

7. Daedalus and Icarus

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