Professor Li Fuyin
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Basic information


Fuyin (Thomas)Li


Director for Research Center of Linguistics

Email address

Research areas

Talmyan Cognitive Semantics; Event; Causation

Brief introduction

Thomas Fuyin Li received his Ph.D. in English linguistics and Applied Linguistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. The dissertation title is “The Acquisition of Metaphorical Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs by Chinese Learners of English: A Conceptual Metaphor and Image Schema Based Approach”. He is currently full Professor of Linguistics at Beihang University, Beijing.

Thomas is the founding editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed international journal of Cognitive Semantics(website: ) published with Brill, the Netherlands; the founding editor-in-chief of International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics(2010-2014), published with Nova Science, New York; the founding organizer of China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics (; the editor of The Eminent Linguists’ Lecture SeriesTen Lecture Series with DVD, published 19 books by 2015, series editor of Compendium of Cognitive Linguistics Research (Nova Science Publisher, New York).

Thomas visited various international universities including University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Malaga, the Chinese University of Hong KongUC Berkeley, MIT, The State University of New York at Buffalo, The University of Edinburgh, etc., and worked with Konraad Kuiper, John Taylor, Pedro Dominguz, Peter Crisp, George Lakoff, Noam Chomsky, Jurgen Bohnemeyere, Nikolas Gisborne, et al.

Major grants

$331,213NSFCausality Across Languages, BCS-1535846. Participant of this project leading by Juergen Bohnemeyer.

RMB 180,000National Social Science Foundation Award, An Empirical Study on the Semantic Typology of Macro-events in Mandarin Chinese, No.13BYY012

RMB 200, 000New Century Supporting Scheme from Ministry of Education, Metaphor in Context.

Li, Fuyin., Jing Du and Phillip Wolff. 2015. The Linguistic Representations of Causing Events and Caused Events in Narrative Discourse. Cognitive Semantics. V1N1, 45-76.

Li, Thomas Fuyin. 2013. Chomsky on Cognitive Linguistics: An Interview. International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics, V4N1:1-8.

Li, Fuyin, Mengmin Xu, and Alan Cienki. 2015. The linguistic representations of agency in causal chains in Daems, Jocelyne, Eline Zenner, Kris Heylen, Dirk Speelman and Hubert Cuyckens (Eds.). 2015. Change of Paradigms: New Paradoxes. Recontextualizing Language and Linguistics. Berlin/Boston : Walter de Gruyter.pp 169-188.

Li, Thomas Fuyin. 2009. Metaphor, Image, and Image Schemas in Second Language Pedagogy (In English). K?ln, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Li, Thomas Fuyin and Konrad Kuiper. 1999. Semantics: A Course Book. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.422p

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