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Associate Professor Zhang Lexing
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Zhang Lexing

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English language teaching

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Zhang Lexing, an associate professor with the School of Foreign Languages of BUAA, was awardted BA by English Dept of Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1990, did on-job research and study on the Graduate Program with applied linguistics as the major between 1994 and 1996, and completed all the required courses for grad studies on psychology offered by the Institute of Psychology of CAS between 2006 and 2008.

Zhang Lexing has been teaching English and doing research in this area since 1990. The courses he ever offered include English Language Listening, English Language Speaking, English Language Reading, English Language Writing, English-Chinese Translation, Introduction to British and American Cultures, etc.

Zhang Lexing has published over 40 books on CET-4 and -6 tutoring, 2 translated books, 3 textbooks for university non-English-majors, and over 10 research papers about English language teaching and learning. Besides, He has been awarded 8 prizes by BUAA in the area of English language teaching and research.

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