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Associate Professor Xu Tao
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Vice Director of the Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering

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Critical Discourse Studies

Systemic Functional Grammar

Linguistic Anthropology

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Xu Tao is Associate Professor of English and MA supervisor in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics of Beihang University. She is currently Vice Director of the Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering. After earning her M.A. and Ph.D. in Linguistics at Nankai University, she joined Beihang University in 2004. She was awarded the title Excellent Supervisor of the 18th, 19th, and 20th FengRu Cup for three consecutive years(2008, 2009, 2010), an annual competition of student scientific innovation works in Beihang University. She was one of the few nominees for the BUAA Excellence in Teaching Awardin 2009. Both the first prize and the Best Presentation Award went to her of the10th BUAA Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition (2010). In 2011, she won the third prize at the 7th Young Teachers' Basic Teaching Skills Competition of Beijing Colleges and Universities. As an academic advisor at the undergraduate level, she earned the Excellence in Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring Awardfrom the School of Foreign Languages in 2012. She has also worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Arizona for 12 months starting from August 2012.

Xu Tao’s research broadly covers sociolinguistics, critical discourse studies (or Critical Discourse Analysis), Systemic Functional Grammar and linguistic anthropology. She have long-standing interests in the various ways in which semiosis, viewed as an integral part of social life, contributes to the (re)production of social structures and practices or to radical social transformation. Her current research themes include organizational discourse and social change, language and identity, language and ideology, language and media.The research projects she has undertakeninclude “Critical Studies of Chinese Discourse” (the National Social Science Foundation of China, 03BYY024) (2003) (project co-director),“The Application of the Vienna School of Critical Discourse Analysis in China” (the Humanities and Social Science Research Foundation under Ministry of Education of
China, 10YJA740100) (2010)(project co-director),“Study of Institutional Discourse in the Context of Social Transformations” (BUAA Basic Research Grant, YWF-
11-06-72) (2011) (project director), “The Cultivation of Critical language Awareness in the Advanced English Teaching” (BUAA Teaching Reform Project) (2011) (project director).Xu Tao’s major publications include: (1) Institutional Discourse: Theory and Practice, in Xiang Yunhua, et al.,The Application of the Vienna School of Critical Discourse Analysis in China. Jilin University Press, 2014; (2) Unveiling Discourse. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2010 (co-editor); (3) Social Transformations of Contemporary Chinese Society and Reconstitution of the Order of Discourse of Higher Education. Jilin University Press, 2007; (4) Dialogue between Discourses: A Theoretical Exploration of Intertextuality. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching 6, 2006; (5) Institutional Discourse across Boundaries. Foreign Language Education 3, 2006; (6) Exploring the Order of Discourse. Foreign Language Education, Special Edition, 2006; (7) Project-based learning: An Innovative Education Style, in Wen Jun and Li Yanglong (eds.), Foreign Language Teaching in the Modern Context, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2006; (8) A Philosophical Reflection on the Issue of Language. Foreign Languages Research 7, 2005; (9) The Changing Discourse of Higher Education: A Transdisciplinary Study of Reconstruction of Institutional Identity. Journal of Hebei University (Philosophy and Social Science) 3, 2004 (co-author); (10) Colonization of Institutional Discourse by Promotional Culture: A Case Study of Chinese Universities’ Prospectuses.Nankai Linguistics 3, 2004.

Xu Tao teaches the courses at both undergraduate and graduate level, including Comprehensive English (first- and second-year level for English majors), English Phonetics and Intonation (first-year level for English majors), Practical English Writing (second-year level for English majors), and Introduction to Sociolinguistics (undergraduate and MA course).

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