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Associate Professor Hu Jian
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Hu Jian


Associate Professor

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Functional linguistics

Applied linguistics

Brief introduction

Dr. Hu Jian is an Associate Professor of English and linguistics with interests in functional linguistics and applied linguistics at Beihang University. She has received her Ph.D in linguistics from Beijing Language and Culture University. She worked as a researcher from 2012 to 2013 with Prof. Mark Turner at Department of Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University, USA. For the past 10 years, Dr. Hu has worked on two areas of study: discourse approach to academic writing and testing; cognitive-functional approach to modality and metaphor. She has been the author of more than ten journal articles.

Major publications:

1. A comparative study of China English and Singapore English: the case of grammatical metaphor in academic discourse. Journal of World Languages, 2015, (1), 50-61.

2. Interaction in Assessment-Oriented Role Play: A Conversation Analytic Approach. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2015, (4)472-489.

3. The Schematic Structure of Literature Review in Research Articles of Applied Linguistics. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2010, (5), 15-27.

4. The Macrostructure and Rhetorical Structures of Research Articles in Linguistics. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 2008, (5), 37-42.

5. Error Correction Strategies and Theory and Methods in Exploring Errors. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal, 2004, (5), 57-60.

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