Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
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Course title
Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
Su Heng
Instructor’s profile
Dr. Su Heng obtained his PhD degree from Curtin University in Australia. His research interests are in such areas as Cross-Cultural Communication, Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics.
Course goals
This course aims to equip the students with some basic knowledge in the area of Corpus Linguistics and provide them with some hands-on experiences in using common tools, which will hopefully prepare them for further research in their own specific field of studies.
Topics to be covered in this course include representativeness, balance and sampling of a corpus, corpus markup, corpus annotation, multilingual corpora, using available corpora, DIY corpora
Corpora and language studies, etc.
Student Presentation(40%)
+Course Paper(60%)
Reference books
McEnery, Anthony,Xiao, Richard & Tono,Yukio. 2005. Corpus-Based Language Studies-An advanced resource book . Routledge, London
Tognini-Bonelli, E. 2001. Corpus Linguistics at work. Amsterdam: John Benjamin’s
Working language

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