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Course title
Pr. XiangMingyou
Instructor’s profile
Dr. XiangMingyou obtained his Ph.D degree in linguistics from Shanghai International Studies University in 1998. His research interests are pragmatics, functional linguistics, rhetoric and theoretical linguistics.
Course goals
This course aims to make students understand the main topics in pragmatics and the applications of the pragmatic theories.
Topics to be covered in this course include:
1.What is Pragmatics ?
2.Why is Pragmatics needed ?
3.What is Pragmatics about?
3.1 Elementary topics :
speech act,
conversational implicature, conversation analysis
3.2 Perspectives:
pragmatics as a perspective,
social perspective,
cognitive perspective,
psychological (experimental ) perspective,
ethnographic perspective,
game-theoretical perspective
3.3 Interfaces:
interface between pragmatics and semantics,
interface between pragmatics and syntax,
interface between pragmatics and lexicon,
interface between pragmatics and rhetoric
D. applications of pragmatics
Examination plus course paper
Reference books
一. 国内引进版(外教社)
1. Pragmatics/Levinson, S. C.
2. Pragmatics/Peccei, J. S.
3. Pragmatics/黄衍
4. Pragmatics: An Introduction Second edition/Mey, J. L.
5. Relevance: Communication and Cognition/Sperber, D. et al.
6. Understanding Pragmatics /Verschueren, J.
1. Doing pragmatics / Grundy,P.
2. Principles of Pragmatics / Leech ,G
3. How to Do Things with Words / Austin, J. L.
4. Pragmatics : A Reader / Davis
5. Politeness: Some Universals in Language Usage. / Brown and Levinson
6. Meaning in Interaction: An Introduction to Pragmatics. / Thomas
7. Speech Acts / Searle J
8. Studies in the Way of Words. / Grice, H. P.
9. Game Theory and Pragmatics / Benz, J?ger and Rooij
10. Ethnopragmatics / Goddard
11. Defining Pragmatics , Mira Ariel, Cambridge University Press
12. Philosophical Perspectives for Pragmatics, by b Marina Sbisà, Jan-Ola Ostman and Jef Verschueren, John Benjamins B.V.
13. Pragmatics and Natural Language Understanding, Georgia M. Green, Psychology Press
14. Pragmatics: implicature, presupposition and logical form, Gerald Gazdar ,Academic Press,
Working language
for graduates in the spring semester

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