Study of Russian Poetry
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Course title
Study of Russian Poetry
Wu Xiaoxia
Instructor’s profile
Dr. Wu Xiaoxia obtained her doctor degree from Beijing Normal University. Her research interests are Russian literary and Translation.
Course goals
This course aims to improve students' ability of Language perception and the expression ability.
Topics to be covered in this course include three parts:
Part I Introduction to Russian poetry Knowledge, Methods of poetry Study, Methods and Skills of poetry Translation (2 hours)
Part II 19 Century Poetry (7 poets) (14 hours)
Part 3 20-21 Century Poetry (8 poets) (16 hours)
Writing 2 part essay (6000 words), (Russian or Chinese)
Reference books
[1] Kulibina, N. 1999. Reading poem of Russian poets . М.: Zlatoust Press, (in Russian)
[2] Lotman, Ю. 2001. On poets and poem. М.: Art Press, (in Russian)
[3] Yunpu Gu. ,2004. Study of Russian poem. Beejing: Beijing University Press (in Chinese)
Working language
Chinese and Russian

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