Translation Studies
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Course title
Translation Studies
Wen Jun
Instructor’s profile
Dr. Wen Jun obtained his Doctor degree from Southwest Normal University. His research interests are Translation studies, Lexicography and English teaching.
Course goals
This course aims to give a general description of Translation Studies. The students are required to grasp the main features of TS, know how to carry out a TS research project as well as to use relevant research method to analyze certain translation theory or phenomena
Topics to be covered in this course include the nature of translation; the subjectivity, the process of translation; the study methods and different schools in Translation Studies, etc.
Course paper
Reference books
The Science of translation, by Wolfram Wills, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press(1982/2001)
Basics of Translation Studies, by Cay Dollerup, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press,2007
Contemporary Translation Theories (revised second edition), by Edwin Gentzler, Multilingual Matters Ltd,2001;Shanghai 2004
The Map: A Beginner’s Guide to Doing research in Translation Studies, by Jenny Williams & Andrew Chesterman, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press(2002/2004)
Routledge Encyclopedia of translation studies, ed. By Mona Baker, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press(1982/2001)
Dictionary of translation studies, ed. By Mark Shuttleoworth and Moira Cowie, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press(1999/2004)
Working language
English and Chinese

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