Contrastive Linguistics in GermanCourse title Contrastive Linguistics in German
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Course title
Contrastive Linguistics in German
LIU Fang
Instructor’s profile
Dr. LIU Fang obtained her Doctor degree from Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin). Her research interests are theoretical and applied linguistics in German.
Course goals
This course aims to the MA students of German Languages and Literature.
Topics to be covered in this course include comparability between Languages, theories from the western contrastive linguistics, with the exploration of multiple examples from German and English.
one oral presentation and one term paper
Reference books
Adamzik, Kirsten (2004): Textlinguistik. Eine einführende Darstellung. Tübingen: Niemeyer.
Brinker, Klaus (2010): Linguistische Textanalyse. Eine Einführung in Grundbegriffe und Methoden. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag.
Vater, Heinz (2005): Einführung in die Textlinguistik. München: Wilhelm Fink.
Janich, Nina (2008): Textlinguistik. 15 Einführungen. Tübingen: Narr.
Heinemann, Margot & Wolfgang Heinemann (2002): Grundlagen zur Textlinguistik. Interaktion - Text - Diskurs. Tübingen: Niemeyer.
Working language
German & English

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