Lexis at interfaces
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Course title
Lexis at interfaces
WEI Naixing
Course goals
The course LEXIS at INTERFACES is designed for MA students of Foreign Languages and Literature. It aims to familiarize the course attendants with new developments of new ideas, methods and technologies in lexical studies, to skillfully use key techniques and methods in data-driven studies of lexis, to explore co-selections between lexis, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, the ultimate purpose of which is to enable them to design and conduct independent studies of lexis. The lexical studies are firmly based on large quantities of authentic textual data, by means of computer technology and a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures, aiming at a systematic integrated exploration of forms, meanings and functions of words. It holds words are fundamental linguistic resources for realizing meaning, lexis and syntax are inseparable, there are a variety of co-selections between lexis and syntax, lexis and semantics and lexis and pragmatics, whereby interfaces at different linguistic levels are formed. By exploring word behaviour at the interfaces, students are expected to develop his ability in investigating form, meaning and function in integration, from the new perspective and by using new mehodologies.
The course encompasses 7major topics:
Typology of data and processing technigues (3 hours)
Modes of meaning and characteristic interfaces (6 hours)
Features of delexicalization ( 3 hours)
Lexis and pragmatics(5 hours)
Phraseology (5 hours)
Studies of lexical chunks(4 hours)
Exploring phraseology in contrast (4 hours)
The course is assessed through two written course papers which report on individual case studies and project work.
Reference books
Carter, R.& McCarthy, M.1988. Vocabulary and Language Teaching. London: Longman..
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Working language

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