Exchange Student from School of Foreign Languages Becomes Staff Writer at CMU’s Student Newspaper
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School of Foreign Languages- December, 10, 2015
On November 22, Yishan Wang, an English major of the Class of 2017 exchanged to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), was promoted from junior staff writer to staff writer by The Tartan, CMU's student-run newspaper. Yishan Wang is the only exchange student from China to work for The Tartan this year.
Wang went to CMU in August as an exchange student to study there for a semester. On September 21, she was introduced into The Tartan by one of its copy editors, a CMU student Diana Zhao. Among the departments of The Tartan, Wang chose to join the news section. So far Wang has interviewed many people with different opinions. She has published six articles in The Tartan: “Former Senator lectures at CMU”, “Ex-politician talks about White House job”, “Students eat with Just Harvest reps”, “Modified Steubenville performance returns”, “Innovation Palooza shows ingenuity in Rangos Ballroom”, “Mexican consulate stresses culture”, and “Crime and incident”.
Carnegie Mellon University is a famous research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the U. S. The Tartan has been CMU’s student-run newspaper since 1906. The Tartan is available not only in paper form, but also in electronic form on The Tartan Online. This semester, The Tartan developed a mobile app, TheBuzz: CMU, which is powered by USA Today, offering stories from USA Today and The Tartan staff.
Wang said that as a reporter at The Tartan she had witnessed the innovation, the enterprise, and the academic rigor of people at CMU. She also said that reporting for The Tartan broadened her outlook and helped her gain knowledge and make friends.

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