Professor Li Hongru Lectures on Academic Research and Publication
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Professor Li Hongru from Heilongjiang University was invited to give a lecture entitled “Academic Research and Publication” at School of Foreign Languages, Beihang University on November 24, 2015. During the two-hour lecture, he stressed the importance of introducing up-to-date theories, contextualizing western linguistic theories into the studies of Chinese language, and blazing new trails in academic researches. He also compared several prestigious academic journals for foreign language studies in China and suggested that a knowledge of the varying focuses and columns in these journals be gained to ensure proper publication of research papers.
The talk took a lighter turn toward the end, when he took questions from the floor and engaged in a lively discussion with enthusiastic students. Both professors and students spoke of his lecture as highly informative and inspiring.
Professor Li is the chief editor of Foreign Language Research and Director of Institute of Philosophy of Language at Heilongjiang University where he also supervises PhD students in English and Russian linguistics.
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