Processed Foods: Risks and Dangers for Your Health

“I didn’t realize how I put on so much weight and that also so fast!”

Does this sound like you or someone you know? As a gym instructor in one of the busiest gyms, I found this statement being painfully repeated with every client that walked on to the floor. They were normal people from the regular background, working with individuals and people who only sometimes overate.

Then, how come!

This question also baffled me until I decided to work on their diet charts. So, the first thing I did was to create a customized questionnaire asking them to voluntarily mention their eating habits. The form included them to tell me about their food timings, their servings, how long they ate and also the kind of cuisine/food type that they ate and most enjoyed.

The result was enlightening!

Almost all of them who took the questionnaire was guilty of the biggest food sins and that was eating processed food. They were not someone who had it once a month or even a week but they were people who ate out of boxes and packets every single meal of the day for months, even years.

The problem was that they did not even realize the kind of damage it was doing to them!

Thanks to MovoMovo I could diagnose their problem correctly and offer the best solutions. The danger of eating excessively processed food is real folks. It not only makes you overeat leading to bloating and other degenerative and lifestyle diseases but it also makes them crave more for it especially because it has enhanced flavor that is chemically made in a laboratory. No marks for knowing that they are extremely bad for your health!