The Ultimate Strength + HIIT Home Workout For Women

If you’re a person who is very much busy to head over to gyms or have a small kid at home, whom you don’t want to leave behind, then doing a workout at home will be the best solution for you. It will save you a lot of time during the commute, and you’ll still end up obtaining the best results indeed.

Workout needs more time and dedication to complete. This dedication cannot be provided by women, who remain very much busy with their family issues and problems. That’s why, the following workout will help you achieve a much fitter and healthier body, right in the comfort of your home.

The workout is divided into various small sets. At the starting, you’ll be working for a total of 45 seconds to be precise. Then you’ll get around 15 seconds of rest. Then there will be two sets of 40 seconds, along with 20 seconds of rest. Combined with that there will be three 35 seconds of rest, followed by 25 seconds of rest. Overall, this exercise will be each repeated for 3 sets, for a total of 24 minutes workout schedule. You can buy good quality workout jeans from before you happen to start this process :

  • Firstly do a single hand snatch, and then an overhead reverse lunge.
  • The next exercise to do will be split jumping. Do some split jumps.
  • Next comes doing some regular push-ups. Push-ups work on your hands and biceps and make them stronger.
  • Then the next exercise would be to do sumo squat, combined with curl.
  • Then comes doing the plyo squat jack.
  • After you’ve done doing this, do tricep kick, combined with glute bridge. Both exercises are pretty useful.
  • The next up on the list is to do a total body roll up exercise.
  • And finally, the exercise to end it all is the chest to floor burpees.

In this way, you’ll finally complete the workout.